The contrast is the correlation I

The contrast is the correlation I


Artist: Sara Kallioinen Lundgren
Editions: Original
Size: 11x11x10 cm + 12x15x4,5 cm
Technique: Mixed media sculpture

About the piece
The contrast is the correlation I is a unique object that origins from a still life project being about different materials’ relation to each other. The project started in an exploring of new materials and how they can meet and affect each other. As when the surface and the shape makes the object look soft and textile-like but is actually hard as rock. Or when a strict, hard shape to a large extent is made of soft textile. The same material result in different expressions depending on the order they meet, the proportions of the materials and the artist’s relation to them.

About the artist
Sara Kallioinen Lundgren (b. 1993) is an artist based in Gothenburg. She is currently studying the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) within ceramics at HDK in Gothenburg, but is working with her art from numerous materials and techniques. Her focus is most often at the surface of her artworks and the objects she is creating, meaning she’s working with the different structures of the materialities or applying a flat image or a pattern. The materials can range from ceramics to plaster and textile, The combination of two dimensional surfaces and three dimensional shapes is in constant focus. The experiments are balances between different materials, structures and surfaces.


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