Artist: Tim Karlsson Djanforouz
Editions: 20
Size: 40x30 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
SMILEY FACE reminds you of realistic portraits that has been “attacked” by childish scrabbles. These types of aesthetics works as contrasts which creates interesting results. There is also a clear reference to graffiti, an art form that often is perceived as negative. At the same time it is very human and sort of simple as you can almost experience the operators gestures.

About the artist
Tim Karlsson (b. 1991) is an illustrator based in Stockholm. As an illustrator Karlsson’s process often begins with a clear concept. His major interest is the human being. Everything from its constant battle to achieve comfort in our every day life, often by developing tools and equipment, to the human self-consciousness. Karlsson’s prime tool is the pencil. He describes the pencil as direct and something that requires little preparation and fewer choices. He compares the act of drawing with sculpting. Piece by piece, with the help from light och shadow, concave and convex shapes are emerging. Aside from drawing, Karlsson is also working as a designer, often on the borderline between art and design.

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