Artist: Mathilda Sundström
Editions: 50
Size: 42x29,7 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
Mathilda Sundström perceives her works as abstract; they’re only figurative if the viewer chooses to interpret them that way. She works intuitively and preferably fast, with several images at the same time. Her material is paper in different forms and colors, mainly photographs from old newspapers and photo books that she has collected over the years.

There’s no particular agenda behind Mathilda’s works, it’s rather an attempt to convey the feeling she’s looking for when she works, a sort of rebirth. She is in constant development; if her works feel too safe or too comfortable, they’ll fall flat. Mathilda has to surprise herself, to feel a sense of insecurity. She is constantly chasing a feeling; the perfect balance between safe and unsafe, which usually generates the best result. New images, new impressions, new people, meetings and ways of thinking fuel this development and inspire her to work.

About the artist
Mathilda Sundström (b.1991) is studying a BA (Bachelor) of Graphic Design and Illustration at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Her work is characterized by different materials mixed together. She is interested in the meeting of different textures and to work out a result by chance. To work is to experiment. Sundström is inspired by the meetings between the sharp, soft, hard, dark, bright; the various contrasts formed and the overall impression and feeling when differences come together and form something new, unique.

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