Paul's Prom Night Preparations

Paul's Prom Night Preparations


Artist: Cherry Cobra
Editions: 10
Size: 50x70 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
The piece Paul’s Prom Night Preparations is part of a series that consist of stills from the music video that Cherry Cobra made for the electro-pop duo Superwalkers and their single ”Lost as I am”. The story of the video is about Hotel Pandora, a hotel set in Miami during the 1980’s, famed for accomodating avant-garde artists, celebrities, yuppies, bohemians and every eccentric in between. Unfortunately, Hotel Pandora was abandoned in the early 90’s during mysterious circumstances, and the building was barred for the public. Much has been said about what really went on behind the walls of Hotel Pandora, but few know the actual truth. Pandora is simply an urban legend – or is it…?

About the artist
Cherry Cobra is a director duo consisting of Nathalie Hallman and Johanna Nyberg, working with commercials, music videos and short film. The duo formed in 2016, based on their mutual love for quirky storytelling and bold visual language. Both Nathalie and Johanna have a background in art direction and graphic design, skills that have characterized the distinctive visual style which has become their trademark as directors. 

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