Artist: Berber Theunissen
Editions: 15 + 2 A.P
Size: 58x50 cm
Technique: C-print

About the piece
Paralyzed is part of an ongoing project Theunissen is working on. She started to combine her Skin series with the series Why i left Adam into a new project, with a new muze. About the projects Skin and Why I left Adam.

Skin – longing to learn to embrace the skin Theunissen lives in, she started photographing the skin of others. After having felt insecure and unwilling to accept who she was so often in her life, she wanted to feel connected to the flaws and the weaknesses of the girls she photographed, in the same way she experienced her own. It’s about peeling back the layers, exposing something deeply intimate and true.

Why I left Adam- after eight years of living in Amsterdam Theunissen started missing the woods, the quiet and the smells of the earth. On January 1st, 2015, she moved back to nature, the environment that inspires her the most.

About the artist
Berber Theunissen (b. 1989) lives and works in Amsterdam. Theunissen focuses her camera on things that affect her personally. Things that she love, but also things that make her feel vulnerable. She captures moments, feelings and memories of intense emotional value to her, or to the people around her. Her photographs are reflections of the memories in her mind. Theunissen takes photographs because she wants to preserve what is otherwise lost forever; time.

Photography helps her create a sense of peace within her own chaotic being. She is obsessed with this thing called life, this absurd, all-consuming life, from the highs to the lows and every little thing in between. Obsessed with all the different kinds of moods and vibes we experience, day in, day out. Even the little things can cause an emotional rollercoaster of tears and laughter. We can understand some of these experiences, but others offer us no clue. She is infinitely curious about how to cope – as a human being, physically and mentally, as a person, as a girlfriend. Feeling so small in an universe so big.

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