Artist: Jessica Björk
Editions: 15
Size: 45x32 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
Mouth is a digitally manipulated photograph based on a complex relationship towards one’s dependency on medication. Split by emotions and feeling trapped, one has periods of wanting medication and other moments of not. In this piece the body ejects the medicine even though the person wants it (or not?) and the struggle continues. These juxtaposed and conflictingly ambiguous emotions or feelings about our relationship with medication and mental health are part of an on-going project by the Björk, a series of mixed media artworks.

About the artist
Jessica Björk (b. 1984) is a mixed media artist specialized in Digital Art. Her works are mainly theme based with a focus on the human experience using the body as a form of representation. The themes is a part of Björk’s own thinking process when she reflects on political and philosophical questions, often under a longer period of time. Earlier works has focused on thoughts, questions and statements about feminism, symbols and the female body. Currently Björk is working on themes around mental issues and the relationships between one’s mental state and the effects of medicine.


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