Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture


Artist: Amit Naamani
Editions: 12
Size: 29x21 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
Landscape Architecture is sort of a digital landscape; while working a lot with his hands and using real glue and paper Naamani also loves working with photoshop and using the world of digital images to compose new images. In this piece you can also see Naamani’s love for landscapes and mountains – a theme he look forward to explore more in his future work.

About the artistAmit Naamani (b. 1986) is an artist based in Tel-Aviv. Naamani has been keeping a sketchbook and a diary for over five years now, working in and out of it and documenting almost everyday. He finds that documenting a moment is fascinating, and when he draw something, paste something or color it onto paper, it describes that moment in time, and when he goes back and look at it, it has meaning.
Naamani’s work has a strong base around collage, asking the question, “What is collage?”. The essence of his work is layers, whether it is a piece of paper, a piece of text, a letter, an old photo of a building or a huge acrylic splatter in the middle of all of that. Naamani finds the layers both metaphorical and as physical ideas of our everyday lives. A word, over or under a photo, over another word and above it all, a torn up photo, a mix of his everyday, his culture and his mind.
After years of studying figure drawing, Naamani went to apprentice in a tattoo studio and got into drawing in the style of tattoos. When he left that world and started to look deeper, he discovered collage and writing. Now he works constantly, both digital and analog, exploring the beauty of today’s world where layers of collage and text exist on both levels. Naamani believes that by having sketchbooks, diaries and journals around, he is in a constant spirit of creativity. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes bad, but for him what is important is to stay active and work. Naamani says he knows how important it is to create “bad” work and just keep the creative juices flowing, while moving, always to stay in motion. Now, he says he understand the beauty of simple abstract marks, color stains or just huge fields of color, and those are slowly growing in his work, while working digital or in his journals. Naamani views the pieces at Arrivals as a unity, working together; creating an abstract landscape of thoughts and emotions from Naamani’s everyday life.

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