Hold me

Hold me


Artist: Petra Eriksson
Editions: 25
Size: 40x30 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
Hold me is part of a series that is in some ways thematical, even though the works were not originally created as a series. The foundation for all of the piece is a fascination for creating portraits, primarily since the will and need to depict ourselves seems to have had an important roll for people during all times. All old portraits of kings and rich merchants might feel outdated, yet at the same time we live in the age of the selfie. There’s also something interesting with the way that adjustments of tiny details in the face can change the expression completely and through that also change the story which the image is telling.

This piece, as well as the complete series, is created with the will of portraying some sort of melancholy that moles inside. The kind of feeling that makes you wanna shut out the whole world for a while by hiding under a thick blanket or simply shutting your eyes and hope that everything will be better once you open them again. Eriksson thinks that this is something that a lot of us has felt during the history that’s taken place in Sweden and over the rest of the world during this recent year.

About the artist
Petra Eriksson (b. 1988) is a designer and illustrator with a background in fine art. Eriksson grew up in Stockholm where she studied at Pernbys Målarskola and Berghs School of Communication. She’s lived abroad during the recent three years and is now based in Barcelona. Eriksson’s clients are mostly magazines and design agencies but she also creates quite a lot of personal projects. Recurring elements in her images are bright colours, textures and patterns.


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