Gurl and Dog

Gurl and Dog


Artist: Johanna Welinder
Edition: 20
Size: 70x50 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
Working around a concept of Eco-punk, the designs are based on Welinder’s printed textiles. This illustration and another one by her, were part of Welinder’s graduate collection and were printed on dresses for the collection “Protect What You Love”. She wanted to illustrate human figures embracing and caring for earth and life as an inspiration to live in balance with our planet. What is our relationship with nature? Flowers and plants are symbols for love, life and happiness but our way of living is destroying forests all over the world. Why do we love our pets but choose to eat other animals? By illustrating cute animals and thriving nature Welinder hopes to appeal to our shortcoming of vanity, and play upon this as a moral weapon.

About the artist
Johanna Welinder (b. 1991) is a Stockholm based illustrator and print designer, educated with a BA (Bachelor) at Beckmans School of Design. Using a mixed media technique with a naive expression, her work explores an organic world filled with animals, plants and human-like figures. With the aim to raise awareness about climate change, these illustrations show the beauty of earth and love for animals. The humans connecting with nature as an inspiration to live in balance with our planet. Welinder has worked with clients such as H&M, Contributor Magazine, and Spectral Magazine.

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