Frida on the Studio Roof

Frida on the Studio Roof


Artist: Karl-Joel Lrsn
Editions: 20
Size: 70x50 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
Frida Kahlo the boss, on the rooftop of her blue studio in Mexico City. Larsson wanted to draw Frida Kahlo because she’s a big inspiration both artistically and personally to the artist. Life gave her plenty of lemons but she made a lot of lemonade from it. She was strong through out the hard times; the horrible accident, the multiple operations and treatments and the critic and lack of understanding her work sometimes met. She painted her world, filled with terror, suffering, wounds and pain and was not shy to paint whatever she felt like. Larsson has drawn this portrait of Frida standing on the rooftop of her blue studio in Mexico City. She’s relaxed but also a little bit somber.

About the artist
Karl-Joel Lrsn (Larsson) (b. 1992) is a newly graduated illustrator from HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. While studying art and design for five years, Lrsn has worked in a wide range of different disciplines, including graphic design, advertising, painting, furniture design and illustration.
This past year Lrsn has been working on establishing himself and finding his own aesthetic as an illustrator. He started by drawing paraphrases of Henri Matisse’s paintings in the series titled ‘Some Matisses’. Through the art of Matisse he found and developed his own techniques.

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