For dark times

For dark times


Artist: Beata Cervin
Editions: 20
Size: 70x50 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
Cervin often works with contrasting emotions, such as joy and sorrow, to create works that feel more complex. The idea behind For dark times is as important as the image itself. Cervin has a great love for pastels and choose in principle, always the bright color scales in her works, which is evident in For dark times.

About the artist
Beata Cervin (b. 1989) is a photographer and graphic designer based in Stockholm. She is educated at Fotoskolan Stockholm, Fotoskolan Gamleby and at Forsbergs School of Advertising. Except for working with photography, Cervin also writes and blogs for the online based platform Radar Magazine. Her two fields of work is clearly visible in her works since she often chooses to combine the art of photography with a more graphic idea.

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