Filter through

Filter through


Artist: Victor Bergstedt
Editions: 25
Size: 50x70 cm
Technique: Photography

About the piece
Filter through means a lot to Victor Bergstedt because of it wasn’t so easy to find. Bergstedt and his friend had seen pictures of the tunnel several times but all the people refused to say where it was located since they wanted to keep it a secret. They found a picture where what you saw was right outside the tunnel, a sandy beach with palm trees. They sat down and looked for beaches around Hong Kong, and finally after several hours of searching the Internet they were almost sure where it was. It took Bergstedt and his friend two hours by train and bus to get out there. They went by bus into the jungle, next to a prison. After fifteen minutes of walking they found the tunnel they had been looking for. Bergstedt don’t think there’s a better feeling when you’ve spent time and energy on something and finally succeed. The image symbolizes “the road to the light” – that it takes time for things to grow and for you to succeed. The water symbolizes the way to the goal, that they reached it, finally.

About the artist
Victor Bergstedt (b. 1995) is a Stockholm based photographer. He is interested in capturing places that not many people visit and how powerful things can happen in these depopulated places. In his photographs he uses a sensitive technique to capture the details of the movement of the smoke. He is inspired by how a small components can become a powerful feeling.

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