Artist: Julia Norlander
Editions: 20
Size: 70x50 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece
The portrait of Carol is a piece from the series ’Light’. In this body of work Norlander explores themes of psychological conditions. To understand the subject on a deeper level she collaborates with a psychologist, together they study the topic and how to communicate it in imagery. Norlander is portraying these elements of human conditions by making use of symbolism, contrasts, shapes and layers. With the large format camera, multiply exposures, alternative lighting techniques and movements she manipulates her images in such way that is only possible with the right ”tools”. She believes that through analogue recording you will reach closer to the actual experience. The medium forces you to be precise and focused and therefore more present in the moment of capture.

About the artist
Julia Norlander (b. 1984) graduated with a BA in photography from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne in 2010. In her photography she recreates the emotional states that she experiences through focusing on shape, pattern and color. By trying to recreate the feeling or condition, she reaches both deeper and closer to what is below the conscious surface. She believes that we all conceal truths in our subconscious – truths that are unexplored or secret and are only revealed when we dream or fantasize.

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