Embrace - Alina Vergnano

Embrace - Alina Vergnano


Artist: Alina Vergnano
Editions: 12
Size: 64x46 cm
Technique: One color linocut print
Please note that every print has a slightly different texture and details since they are printed by hand.

About the piece
Memory and time, body and society, the human being and its inner side are the most influent themes in Alina’s work. Her practice aims to be an invitation to explore the inner self, and learn to embrace it in all its emotional tangles. The title of this limited edition print, Embrace, focuses on this last aspect, the self acceptance and love of our complicated nature.

About the artist
Alina Vergnano (b. 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her practice includes drawing, sculpture, murals and also printmaking. She started working with linocut printing five years ago and she fell in love with the unicity of the texture and the process of carving. Every print, hand-printed in the studio of the artist, presents unique details and different textures, each of them is numbered and signed.

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