Artist: Victor Bergstedt
Editions: 25
Size: 50x70 cm
Technique: Photography

About the piece
Apartments is taken in an apartment complex in Hong Kong, this place is one of the most famous places in Hong Kong as many photographers have been there. They have recorded some movies in the place, most famous is Transformers. So when Bergstedt saw the place and a lot of different images for the first time, he thought it looked cool and that he really wanted to shoot it, but the image you usually see is a lookup from the ground floor – Bergstedt wanted to find a different angle he hadn’t seen before. There was a parking garage next to the building, guarded. Bergstedt and his friends waited until the guard didn’t see, and snuck in, to get a symmetrise picture of the complex. Once Bergstedt took the picture, he didn’t really think about the spot, what it really was, etc. But when he later looked at it, he saw a lot of terrible things in the picture. People actually live in those small old apartments, up to a whole family of six. For Bergstedt the image symbolizes that somehow there is something beautiful in the dark and “horrible” places.

About the artist
Victor Bergstedt (b. 1995) is a Stockholm based photographer. He is interested in capturing places that not many people visit and how powerful things can happen in these depopulated places. In his photographs he uses a sensitive technique to capture the details of the movement of the smoke. He is inspired by how a small components can become a powerful feeling.

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