A little while

A little while


Artist: Anna Sundström
Editions: 10 + 2 A.P
Size: 50x70 cm
Technique: Inkjet print on museo fine art paper

About the piece
A little while is a piece from the series I’m waiting here .
“You can only move forward, but let us rest in the quiet and calm dry nothing, a little while before we go.”

About the artist
Anna Sundström (b. 1981) lives and works in Visby. She graduated from Stockholms Fotoskola in 2010. Today she lives at Gotland and besides working with personal projects she works as a an artist and as a freelance photographer. In her photography she likes to keep control by using straight lines and perspectives. Her aim is to be as close to reality as possible but at the same time convey a feeling of surrealism.
Sundström’s works have been exhibited in group shows at, amongst others, Gallery Kleerup in Stockholm and her series “Between Shade and Light” is public embellishment, placed at the Psychiatric Clinic in Visby, Sweden.

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