Sometimes questions pop up.
This is where we answer them.


Does the price include taxes and shipment?

Yes. All work at Arrivals include local taxes and safe delivery within Sweden. International orders are subject for delivery, customs duties and taxes.

Is it possible to see the artwork “live” before buying it online?

To some extent yes — you are more than welcome to drop by our headquarters at Karlavägen 5 in Stockholm. There you can see an example of most of the work sold on Arrivals, but unfortunately we do not accept cash or payment by Swish so you still have to make your order online. Since some works can be print-on-demand, it’s always best to send us an email prior your visit.


What does “signed and limited edition” mean?

Signed and limited edition mean that the work is signed by the artist, and printed only in a limited number of copies. When the edition is sold out it won’t be available for purchase again. Some of our artworks are originals, meaning one of a kind.


What is an “AP”?

AP stands for Artist’s Print, meaning the artist has one (or more) of the prints in their own possession. Usually these are kept for themselves, but of course, the artist can choose to sell his or her print.


Do you have more sizes than the ones displayed on the site?

No, for us limited means limited, and we offer the size that the artist has chosen which also fits the motif the best.


Is the artwork available in variety of sizes?

The work on Arrivals is only available in one size unless other is remarked.


How long time will it take before I get my piece?

The delivery time depends on where you live. Expect about one week delivery unless otherwise specified. Often your order will arrive faster. During summer time we are on vacation and the delivery time will be longer.


How is the piece packaged?

All pieces sold on Arrivals are delivered safely, packed in silk paper and a sturdy cardboard tube.


If a piece is “sold out” what does it mean?

If it says that a piece is sold out it means that the total limited edition is sold out and that the artwork won’t be available for purchase again.


Can I get the artwork framed?

If you live in Stockholm we can help you to get your art framed (at your expense), just email us at and we will fix it for you.

Other questions? E-mail us at or visit our Facebook page.